Identity- Who Am I?- The Devil Knows, And That’s Why He’s Lying To You!

Identity- Who Am I?- The Devil Knows, And That's Why He's Lying To You!

The devil tested Jesus in saying “If you are the son of God…” two different times while Jesus was in the wilderness fasting. He never wants you to find out who you really are.This is a huge deal! Why? Because God created us each with a purpose and identity that no one else can fulfill!  That unique identity is so far beyond our wildest imaginations and dreams that when we discover it, we have no choice but to be completely humbled by it. Read more

Slavery Will Never End For Some, But Those Who Discover Who They Are Will Flourish

There is no greater joy, nor is there a more humbling experience than finding out just who you were created to be. I wish this one thing for everyone. Seek Him to know that one thing, ask Him and don't stop till he shows you, and everything in your life will start to flow. It is truly amazing.

The Testings Of Faith And The Blessings That Followed

From Passion To Paycheck-Everything You Need To Grow Your Blog/Website FAST!

As a young single mother I worked at a bank. I didn’t get any support financially from anyone so I always struggled to make ends meet. I remember there was a period of time for about 2 weeks that God really tested my faith. He wanted me to trust him for everything. Read more

A Loving Father


I look at God as my “Heavenly Father”. A very loving father who guides and protects His children.


Now tell me, what parent in their right mind would tell a kid who has run out in a busy street that doing so is permitted?  Or encourage them to do anything they want, because there is no right or wrong? Read more