We Choose Life Or Death In Every Decision We Make

The older I get the more I realize that I choose either life or death in every decision I make. I can choose a doughnut or fruit and granola for breakfast.

I can choose to talk bad about someone or build them up. I can choose to smoke a cigarette or workout at the gym. Read more

Stop Looking Back – The Rear-view Mirror Is Small For A Reason

Stop Looking Back

I struggled for years trying to overcome a very traumatic past. The nightmares I had just would not let up. I prayed for years. I was determined to have a voice! No one was listening to me. These things happened and these people are getting away with it. It all had me so tormented. I could forgive, but there was no justice. Then I heard Him. God, He told me to write a book. My story is a very hard one to tell, so I wrote the book. That way I won’t have tell it to others anymore! YES. That will help. That way when people ask, I can just hand them the book. BREAKTHROUGH! WOO HOO! Read more

“Aim High In Driving”

Aim High In Driving

Do you remember going through Driver’s Education? I do. One of the most profound lessons I was taught is how to aim high in driving.

What this means is to look at the road ahead not 2 feet in front of you. When you do this you will avoid many accidents. Read more