Wrapping Paper And Denim Decoupage Bowl – Craft Tutorial- Episode 11

This wrapping paper and denim decoupage bowl, is something I just threw together quickly to not have to miss another week. I think they turned out pretty cute. It's also a great way to up-cycle denim.

Tin Can Gift Box, Jewelry Box or Treasure Box. DIY, craft tutorial-episode 7

Tin Can and Resin Gift boxes

This is a more advanced crafting project and I would not recommend it for children.

For this tin can, Gift Box, Jewelry Box or Treasure Box tutorial you will need:

  • 12.5 oz canned chicken can  or 4 oz can of diced green chili’s or similar sized cans. The best tin cans for this are 2 or so inches high.
  • You will need both a safety can opener that cuts along the outside edge of the tin can and a regular can opener that cuts along the inside of the can and is good about leaving no sharp edges. This will create a ring to use for the top of the gift box, jewelry box or treasure box.
  •  it’s always a good idea to do your crafts on freezer paper.
  • This one especially because you will need to use a Sharpie pen to mark it.
  • A protractor is a good idea on this project. You don’t have to use one, but to be honest I didn’t on my prototype and it did not turn out nearly as good as what you see pictured.
  • wrapping paper, but not much. You could really just use your scraps for these.
  •  one wooden skewer, or something long and thin like it that you could tightly wrap paper around.
  • a glue stick    
  •  felt 
  •  Elmer’s glue all 
  • spray paint. Any kind really as long as it sticks to metal.
  • 3 -5 medicine cups     
  • You will need the’5 oz disposable cups. I use Dixie because of the wax on them. It helps keep the resin from sticking. You will need the same amount of these as boxes you are making
  •  Cellophane wrapping paper. Clear. (To be honest… I found mine at the Dollar Tree for a buck!)
  • Resin. There are many kinds available. This is the kind I use. If you choose to use something different, please follow the instructions on that package to properly mix that brand of resin. Also, different brands have different mixing and hardening times. Please use the time for the brand you choose.
  • Please don’t forget to protect your hands with some gloves.
  • acrylic gems          
  •  hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • The beads that I used are the plastic bead garland that you can find at Christmas time. It comes in several different colors and sizes. I used the smallest size I could find.Don’t forget to embellish with some glitter, gems, beads, buttons or whatever else you can think of. Be creative.

This tutorial is a little harder than most I put out there. A few tips:

When you glue the rings to the cellophane, don’t be shy with the glue. The better the seal around the ring, the less resin will leak. Read more