There seems to be somewhat of a stereotype developed in society that puts limits on what we call creative. Think about it. What comes to mind when someone talks about creativity? Art, Paintings, Sculptures? Maybe music or dancing?

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Creativity is a very wide range that could include many different things. It could be designing a beautiful building, inventing a wonderful product, finding a fun way to teach your student. The list goes on and on. Who are we to say what limits creativity?

It’s when we do find it that we thrive in a way that nothing can replace. Perhaps this is why the devil disguises it as useless. I mean think about it… growing up didn’t you want to do something way outside of what your parents had in mind for you? Why? Isn’t following your true passion the SCARIEST of all risks? Why? We are so afraid of failing at it and being seen as a fool that few people ever actually pursue their own passion. How sad is that?

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So why is this the case unless that creative passion is so powerful that it could change an entire culture? Seriously. Every one of us has this within us. We need to start stepping on the fear of what man thinks and start worrying about what this world will miss out on if we don’t find out who we were created to be and start creating!

So what’s stopping you?

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