You have found your passion and want to make money doing what you love. You did your research and looked into any work at home, make money from home, or make money online opportunity, to see if you can fit your passion into a paycheck.

Passion Is Often Missing The Paycheck

You found some articles about blogging to make money and you finally decided that blogging is the way to go. Now you want to become an expert. A blogging expert. Now your looking for blogging tips and blogging tools that will make that happen quickly.

Okay now you have got some ideas for your blog. It’s time to set up your website.

Best Of Luck To You

There is a saying that having the right tools makes all the difference in the world. And I find it saves you time and money as well!

So here are some awesome tools that I found that will literally multiply your efforts in getting your blog out there online.

1&1 Web Hosting

#1. GET A SELF HOSTED WEBSITE! This was a the biggest lesson I learned and fast. I wen through 1&1 to do this. It’s actually a lot easier than I thought it would be to build your website. They have some pretty awesome tools to help you.

Email allows you to “Own” your contact information

Okay, your website is set up. Things are starting to roll a little more smoothly. You have been keeping up with everything. Pages look good. Posts are good. Traffic is starting to trickle in. 

#2. I’ve learned that building an email list is about the most important thing you can do with your blog. Why? Because you own those connections. In this business it is vital to stay connected with your followers. Email is the best way to do that. You may have thousands of friends on Facebook, and sure you can message them, but if Facebook closes their doors what are you going to do? You also need to realize that as you build these relationships, people start to trust you. The more they trust you, the more likely they will be to click on your links and buy from you.  This is “email marketing”(click on this link for your free guide to “Growing Your Business With Email Marketing” . AND you can offer your subscribers special offers that no one else is eligible for! In my shopping for the best product out there to meet my needs, I came across AWeber. They seemed to have “the most bang for the buck”. And you can become an affiliate and offer AWeber to your audience as well. Double win there. If you are worried about what you will write on those emails click this link for your free guide “What To Write In Your Emails”. 


Blogs and websites need great photos to be seen


#3.  After reading THE ART OF PINTEREST PROFITS: A Complete Guide to Pinterest for Business, Marketing, and Automation for Profit (which I picked up very inexpensively on Amazon) I figured out just how important the quality of your pictures should be. AND if you are tagging your pictures YOU ARE SKY ROCKETING your SEO! So, once again I shopped around and came across a great deal for Corel Paint Shop Pro X9. As soon as I started using this my traffic over  doubled! Actually the first post I put out on Facebook reached over 4000  people. The highest traffic I had prior to this was 900 reached. Pinerest almost tripled.I highly recommend Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 because it has so many thing you can do with a photo and tutorials to teach you every thing you need to know. As a side note…if you are also doing video’s on Youtube you need to check out Photo Video Bundle X9 . I would have used this but my husband was already into the video thing for several years, and owns a copy of another video editing software. If you use do the blogging and the videos, Photo Vidoe Bundle X9 it will save you tons of money. And if you sign up for CJ Affiliates you can apply to become an affiliate for Corel as well!

Imagine your best photo ever


 #4. Once I started putting content into my blog I began to realize how limited my photo library was. I really needed to get some stock photos. But OMG those can be expensive and I wasn’t making much with my blog yet. Then while participating in a Facebook blog group, I happened upon this ad that said Download Over 300,000+ Photos, Graphics, Vectors, Icons, Buttons, Images and MORE! Here’s a coupon to give you a 83% discount: . Can you say SCORE! So I checked it out and sure enough it was awesome for the money. I purchased it and could not be happier.Buy now I got the hint and really wanted to stick with companies that would allow me to become an affiliate so that I could share my experiences and help others out as well, but make money at the same time. I wasn’t sure that GraphicStock ( the name of the company for the photo stock) would do that for me). I chose to go ahead with the purchase anyway because of the price. Once I mad the purchase I found out that they do in fact have their own affiliate program that allows you to make $20 per referral ! SWEET. Another side note…they also have music and video stocks that you can purchase if you are doing both video and blogs like I am.

Grow Organically Through Your Social Network

 Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

#5. GETTING TRAFFIC  because Pinerest is SEO based. I highly recommend you concentrate most of your efforts in getting generic traffic from there. Tailwind can make that a whole lot easier for you. And you can try if for 30 days FREE!  Tailwind offers a lot of training videos on how to best utilize this tool for maximum results. And yes you can apply to become an affiliate here as well through ShareaSale. 

#6. Do you know how important it is to communicate with your followers? Well it’s equally if not more important to be giving and kind and reciprocate their efforts to help you. Twitter is the one social media program that I find it hardest to keep up with. So much happens on there so fast, it’s almost scary. But it is very important to make sure your followers are happy because they tend to want to re-tweet you when they are. That’s kinda like getting FREE advertising! So once again I shopped. I came across a few things for free that helped a little but only scratched the surface of what was really needed to keep up with Twitter. Then I found and OMG it’s like an angel came down and kissed me. It’s real easy to become an affiliate of Just type communit affiliate in a google search. It pulls up on the top and you just click the link, fill out a small form and they instantly give you a link to put on your blog!

Twitter with

#7.Now it’s time to figure out how to break into the expert business and make boatloads of cash. Me and my shopping. I’m always trying to find the best fit financially as well as quality. I have signed up for many Free webinars. None of them give you what this FREE Boot Camp does. I can not tell you how important it is to take this Boot Camp. You will be amazed. This woman took her business from Zero to over a million dollars in 9 short months. Now she is “rockin” it in an over 1 billion dollar company. The best part about it is she gives away all of the secrets to doing just that for FREE! I’m not kidding you! No other person marketing this kind of thing! She then charges for an optional membership for support afterwards! What a concept! I’m so very excited to share this with you. You will love it! She also offers several other things like a pre-designed website to insure your success. A Fast Track Program and 1 on 1 coaching  and even an inner circle  where you can hang out with her and some of the highest profile people you can think of. She has worked with several Presidents, Actors and Sport stars as well as many others. But that is all optional. What you get for free can literally make you a million plus dollars this year! And you know what? If you sign up for the FREE Boot Camp you get access to become an affiliate! She will pay you %50 of anything you refer to her! That is super generous!

FREE Boot Camp That ROCKS!

#8 Now that you have your “EXPERT BUSINESS”blog or website all set up you can visit ShareaSale and set up your own account to start gathering affiliates to sell your product!

And that people is how you get it done!

What I just supplied you with right here could literally change your life! Yes there is a small investment. But these are GREAT tools. If you want a quality business you have to invest. The good part is, you can make money while you are doing that!

What you do with this information is up to you!  I started this blog 2 months ago and I’m rockin it!  I’m  on target. Are you?