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As a young person I tried to read different genres to find out what I related to most. I read mysteries, horror, self-help and others. It was when I disciplined myself to read through the entire Bible that started to change me.

The Bible brought out emotions in me. It made me angry, scared, curious, and most of all made me feel guilty and yet some how feel loved at the same time. It felt like this book was somehow alive. So I began studying it and haven’t stopped for over 20 years. It’s my favorite book, but I wanted to introduce you to some others that changed the way I looked at things and helped me to understand the Bible more.

I began to see many miracles in my life, and things I experienced as a child started to make sense. Supernatural things, like predicting the 1971 earthquake and having Jesus stand by my bed at age 7 and take all my fears away. I prayed over a casino and it shut down the next week. I was blessed with $2000 worth of toys from someone I barely knew when I was a single mom with no money to my name. Many supernatural things happened that pointed to Jesus’s love for me and brought me closer and closer to Him, but those things also caused a riff between me and people. No one understood me. I wasn’t like everyone else. I was different.

The first book other than the Bible that had a major impact on me and brought me a lot closer to God was When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson. I think most of the church has been taught a “wrong” theology that has held the church back from experiencing the glory and power of God. This book opened the door to the presence of God for me. Then I read  Face To Face With God  by Bill  and Dreaming With God also by Bill. Things inside me started to awaken. I felt for the first time in my life that finally someone else could relate to the supernatural things I had experienced. Hope began to arise.

The next book on my list that gave me access to the manifestation of His presence is Todd Bentley’s book The Reality of the Supernatural World and also Todd’s school on Healing, Miracles, Signs and Wonders really put my spirituality into action. Since then, there has been tremendous controversy over Todd and His ministry, but during the time he wrote these, he was right with God and they definitely carry God’s anointing. I began to practice the things I was taught and saw many healing miracles take place.

Then I began to understand my identity.  I asked God who He saw me as and He showed me a vision. What I saw changed my life forever. A confidence arose and strangely a humility did as well. True humility is finding out how important you are and knowing you don’t deserve it. That’s what happened to me. Then I read another book. This one by Kris Vallotton. The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty. There is a test at the end of this book that helps you to discover your mindset and whether you are thinking closer to a person of Royalty or as a Pauper. Then his book Spirit Wars helped me to understand that the attacks on my mind were actually normal for any Christian who was pressing into finding their true identity. The devil doesn’t want people to know who they were truly created to be.

The book Money And The Prosperous Soul by Stephen K De Silva helped me turn my mindset about money around and begin to prosper according to God’s plan and not my own. This one also has a workbook called Prosperous Soul Foundations Manuel. I honestly haven’t used the workbook. It wasn’t available till recently. If it’s anywhere near as good as the book you won’t be sorry for using it.

And finally, a book that I think every human should read and practice. Culture of Honor by Danny Silk. Just read it. There are no words to explain how important this book would be to society if everyone would use it to mold their practices.


There were many more books and CD’s along the way, however these were the most significant in my walk. These helped transform me into the person I am today. They helped me to overcome a very difficult life and find out who I was created to be They help set me free to live an abundantly prosperous life.  Since they helped me so much, I felt it only fair to share this information with you. No self-help book I’ve ever read has ever come close to imparting the gifts that these have imparted to me. I hope they bless you as much as they did me. Life seems so much more balanced and doable now.

If you would like to find out more about me and what I’ve overcome and conquered with the help of these materials, here is a link to my book as well. It’s not easy to read, so bring a tissue box.

As I find more books that inspire me I will let you know.

Here’s to building you up to be the person God created you to be.

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