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Finding your passion is a huge step in living a healthy and vibrant life. God (our creator) created us in His image. That means we are inherently creative.

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Unfortunately not all of us have had the opportunity in life to find out what we are creative at. Well that’s about to change.

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My mother was a general contractor. Her passion was to build buildings and remodel rooms. She lived it, dreamed it and passionately pursued it. She was noted as one of the most successful general contractors in Southern California and she was a woman! She knew her creative aspect and she followed her passion.

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For to many years society has been down playing the arts and creativity as if it were un-important and unproductive. Our schools have suffered and so has our society. Artist have been condemned as some kind of freaks. More recently it’s being discovered that just the opposite is true. God wants and intends us to be creative. It is the devil’s ploy to take that from us. Why? Because with true passion and creativity, God’s healing and restoring power can flow through you and your work. When the ideas come from God, He uses you and your creativity as a conduit for His work to be done. Even the participation of allowing a creative flow through you will bring healing to you. I have overcome over 40 years of PTSD with allowing creativity to flow through me for the last 2 years doing crafts. This is the biggest reason I’m starting this blog is to help others find this reality.

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If you need further confirmation please read Theresa Dedmon’s book Born to Create: Stepping Into Your Supernatural Destiny“>Born to Create.

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This kind of success naturally occurs when we find out what that passion is. It could be anywhere from sewing and crafts, to music and photography. The challenge is finding it.

This page is dedicated to help you do just that.

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