Essential Oils…The Basics And How To Get Started

Ready to start "kicking those chemicals to the curb"?

We Choose Life Or Death In Every Decision We Make

The older I get the more I realize that I choose either life or death in every decision I make. I can choose a doughnut or fruit and granola for breakfast.

I can choose to talk bad about someone or build them up. I can choose to smoke a cigarette or workout at the gym. Read more

This Healthy Snack Combination “ROCKS”

This Healthy Snack Combination "ROCKS"


I’ve really been loving having this combination for a quick snack or a desert. It satisfies the sweet tooth and is packed with nutrition.  I highly recommend you give it a try!


Just 15 almonds and a small handful of the cranberries with about an ounce of the chocolate does the trick. Read more

1/4 The Cost Of 3 Gallon Bottled Water Yearly And NO Lifting!

1/4 The Cost Of 3 Gallon Bottled Water Yearly And NO Lifting!

I’m so picky about my water. I have to drink a lot of it for my digestive issues and if I don’t like it I won’t. After shopping around for some good water at a good price we settled on Walmart’s  reverse osmosis Primo water machine and purchased a water dispenser. It’s been nice, but we have run into some inconvenient glitches along the way. Read more