Even Goats Reproduce What They Set Their Eyes On!

Even Goats Reproduce What They Set Their Eyes On!

We hear so much about “keeping your eye on the ball” and “remain focused” to reach a goal and succeed.  But, how true is this theory?

Well in the bible there is a story about Jacob being betrayed by his father in-law.  He told his father in-law that he wanted to take his wives and children and leave, but the father in-law saw that Jacob’s working for him was bringing an increase and refused to let him leave. Read more

Are You Believing A Lie?

Are you believing a lie?

When you get to a place that you love Jesus with all your heart, you will discover that you will hate sin with all your heart. You will no longer have a tolerance for it. It will have to leave your life. When it does, many of the people who honor sin and not God will go with it. It is a painful yet wonderfully freeing experience. Read more

Stop Looking Back – The Rear-view Mirror Is Small For A Reason

Stop Looking Back

I struggled for years trying to overcome a very traumatic past. The nightmares I had just would not let up. I prayed for years. I was determined to have a voice! No one was listening to me. These things happened and these people are getting away with it. It all had me so tormented. I could forgive, but there was no justice. Then I heard Him. God, He told me to write a book. My story is a very hard one to tell, so I wrote the book. That way I won’t have tell it to others anymore! YES. That will help. That way when people ask, I can just hand them the book. BREAKTHROUGH! WOO HOO! Read more