We Choose Life Or Death In Every Decision We Make

The older I get the more I realize that I choose either life or death in every decision I make. I can choose a doughnut or fruit and granola for breakfast.

I can choose to talk bad about someone or build them up. I can choose to smoke a cigarette or workout at the gym. Read more

Even Goats Reproduce What They Set Their Eyes On!

Even Goats Reproduce What They Set Their Eyes On!

We hear so much about “keeping your eye on the ball” and “remain focused” to reach a goal and succeed.  But, how true is this theory?

Well in the bible there is a story about Jacob being betrayed by his father in-law.  He told his father in-law that he wanted to take his wives and children and leave, but the father in-law saw that Jacob’s working for him was bringing an increase and refused to let him leave. Read more

Identity- Who Am I?- The Devil Knows, And That’s Why He’s Lying To You!

Identity- Who Am I?- The Devil Knows, And That's Why He's Lying To You!

The devil tested Jesus in saying “If you are the son of God…” two different times while Jesus was in the wilderness fasting. He never wants you to find out who you really are.This is a huge deal! Why? Because God created us each with a purpose and identity that no one else can fulfill!  That unique identity is so far beyond our wildest imaginations and dreams that when we discover it, we have no choice but to be completely humbled by it. Read more

Something To Ponder – Perfection Or Insanity?

Something To Ponder - Perfection Or Insanity?

My husband came home for lunch today with a very profound subject matter to talk about.

You know how we all teach to be successful at something, we need to keep practicing till it’s perfect? Practice makes perfect right? Each time we do it we expect the results to be different, better and more perfect right? Read more

Slavery Will Never End For Some, But Those Who Discover Who They Are Will Flourish

There is no greater joy, nor is there a more humbling experience than finding out just who you were created to be. I wish this one thing for everyone. Seek Him to know that one thing, ask Him and don't stop till he shows you, and everything in your life will start to flow. It is truly amazing.