We Choose Life Or Death In Every Decision We Make

The older I get the more I realize that I choose either life or death in every decision I make. I can choose a doughnut or fruit and granola for breakfast.

Close up of sugar donuts, fresh strawberries and dark chocolate over gray textile. Square image

I can choose to talk bad about someone or build them up. I can choose to smoke a cigarette or workout at the gym.

Woman and man working out with fit box at gym

I can choose to support my health with organic foods and essential oils or use and eat chemicals to the point of getting sick. Sin or seek God. Every choice we make in life has consequences either good or bad.

Patient at hospital

We all have been given free will to do either. I just have a hard time when people have chosen things in their lives that lead to sickness and death and then are surprised about the outcome.

Assortment of fresh herbs mint, oregano, thyme, blooming sage and young vegetables beetroot and carrot in white colander over old wooden stool as background. Natural day light.

It is so important to take responsibility for our actions if we want to live a full and vibrant life. Just remember, every little thing we do, say or even think, either infuses a little life into us, or a little death into us. The choice is ours.

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