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At lot of preachers teach the lie that we are not to ever judge, without teaching that we are in fact mandated to judge our own sin, and fight for justice, especially for the justice of those who are unable to fight for themselves. We are not supposed to judge the person who is sinning, or their motives, but no where in the bible does it say that we are supposed to ignore a person’s sin.  

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We are supposed to judge ourselves first and then when we can see clearly to help our brother stop sinning, we are mandated to do so. Only after we clean ourselves up do we have the right and the mandate to expose another’s sin and call him into accountability. After all if you know you are clean before God, you won’t have a problem being judged will you? So the message isn’t there to tell us that we are not to judge as much is it is to point out the fact that we need to look in the mirror first and then help our brother to do the same.

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The Bible teaches that there is a heaven and a hell and that if you don’t repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you will be spending your eternity in hell. If you were climbing a mountain with your loved ones following you and you came across quick sand or something equally as dangerous, would you just overlook it and hope that they figure it out? Or would you warn them? So, if one of your loved ones is walking in sin wouldn’t you warn them? People who are truly serving the Lord and are truly Christians will not condemn you for pointing out their sin. Telling someone they are hurting you and asking them to stop, is OK! In fact they may thank you for it. Some may react negatively out of embarrassment at first, but will likely thank you later. I do have to warn you though that those who are not true Christians will attack you and abuse you if you point their sin out. You have to decide to walk with God no matter where he places you and more often than not these abusive people are put in our path to distract us from our true calling.

This does not mean we should go around pointing our fingers at people. There is a huge difference in confronting someone with something they have done to hurt you or someone else, as opposed to miss-treating others through pointing your finger at them with an attitude that you are better than they are (this is what legalism does). What about the argument, we are all sinners? We are. When we come to Christ we are a sinner saved by grace, but through God’s cleansing process we become saints who occasionally fall into sin. The life style of sin leaves us. We become dead to sin.


Bill Johnson recently put it this way “un-sanctified grace is not grace at all!” I agree.

God did not create the legalism that many live under today that dictates how long we can wear our hair or if we can or can not wear pants. Those are legalistic views of something, not sin. He didn’t die to do that. Man created those laws. That very legalism is judgment of people and is practiced by many who will fight you tooth and nail if you dare point out a sin that they are committing.

He is about spiritual obedience, not what you look like physically. Yes there are certain things that we must do so that we can die to our flesh, but cutting our hair is not one of them (unless the Holy Spirit directs you to do so for something He has planned for you.) Of course God expects us to use wisdom, for instance, if you have a job that requires you have your hair a certain length, than it would be foolish to rebel against that rule. What I am trying to point out is that the length of your hair will not stand in the way of your relationship with God, but sin will. 100% of the time. 

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Sin can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We as Christians are commanded to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth through the example that Jesus set. If we are sinning we are not doing that. We are actually giving the devil a foothold.

To pass judgement on someone would be to label them and punish them. This is what many in the church do to make themselves feel better about themselves. Any time you see someone putting another person down, there is no God in that. It doesn’t matter what they are guilty of, they are still God’s creation and are to be respected as such. We all have sinned. No sin is greater than another in God’s eyes. It is all destructive. That’s why we as Christians should be building each other up, but also holding each other accountable. Sin needs to be confronted. When it is, the line has been drawn. Either they will repent and cross over into Kingdom ways or they will become abusive to you and retreat.

This issue needs to be dealt with in the church now. Before it’s too late.




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