It Was Simply Wonderful!

It Was Simply Wonderful!

I finally found the perfect “Gluten Free” flour mix to make my cheese drop biscuits and tortillas! That’s right I said tortillas!

Namaste Foods Gluten Free Organic Perfect Flour Blend is not only gluten free, it’s organic! This makes it  a perfect match for our family!

I tried to make some chicken and dumplings with it but was not real impressed with the dumplings. The next evening I made some cheese drop biscuits. They were a hit!  Then a few evenings later I decided to get real ambitious and make some smothered burritos like I used to when my kids were in high school. ( I’ve been craving them ever since) and guess what? Another victory for the “gluten free” lifestyle!  Woo Hoo! It was simply wonderful!

So there you have it. Another “Kricket Approved” food for the list.

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