The Inspiration Behind Kricket’s Korner

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For any of you that have read my book Significant , you are aware of the struggles that I had to overcome and God’s miracles in my life. What you don’t know is I only wrote about 2/3 of the story.

At the time I wrote the book, even though I was healed of many things, I still suffered from over 35 years of PTSD and had just started suffering from Agoraphobia. I would have major anxiety attacks and nightmares, flashing back to the horrors of my life. I began discussing things with God. I was ready to throw in the towel.

I remember hearing His voice. He said you can come home now if you want to, or you can stay. I have much more for you to do on earth.

Well gee. How selfish would it be to go home after that? He knew just what to say. He knew my heart.

The Inspiration Behind Kricket's Korner
The Inspiration Behind Kricket’s Korner

I began to beg him for closure on the situation with my children and healing for my mind, body and finances. I begged Him to take away the nightmares and horrible memories. To give me freedom to leave my house again.

What started happening at that point was truly amazing! I began getting ideas. Not just one or 2 but hundreds of them. For crafts. I have never had anything like this happen to me.

I discussed it with my husband and he agreed to purchase some supplies to get me started in making some of the things I was seeing. So I started crafting. It was when we first moved from Portland 3 years ago.


The Inspiration Behind Kricket's Korner
The Inspiration Behind Kricket’s Korner

I found the crafting very therapeutic.  It was helping me. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly I got better and better. I started having visions of my crafts healing people physically. So it would not only be healing me but God was going to use this to heal others as well. That would be awesome!

He wasn’t just using crafts but anything creative. Dance, music, art, culinary arts. The list goes on and on. You can be a party planner, an architect, a contractor. Well, you get the picture. God can use you in anything you are passionate about as long as it’s in line with His will He can flow through it.



The Inspiration Behind Kricket's Korner
The Inspiration Behind Kricket’s Korner

I began feeling guilty about spending the money on craft supplies. My husband was fine with it but I always liked to contribute to the household budget, but there was no way I was able to work a job anymore. I worked a few call center jobs from home but could not even handle that anymore. So there I was having mixed feelings because I really enjoyed what the Lord was doing through my crafts to heal me, but I could not shake the feeling that I needed to contribute. I thought about getting on medication but I could not be creative and be on the medication at the same time so I chose not to.

Then one day while watching Bethel TV , I came across Theresa Dedmon’s conference on The School of Creativity. I decided to watch it.  I was amazed! Everything that she was teaching was exactly what God was showing me through the crafting. She even taught about how when you are flowing with God’s creativity people would start being healed and they were!  It was total confirmation that I was doing the right thing.

Even though I had the confirmation, I still had the desire to help out financially. We didn’t really need me to but I could not shake it. So I went through a process of looking into all the different ways that I could help. I came across this frees seminar that told me that in order to be truly content with what you are doing you must be doing what you are passionate about.

I am passionate about 4 things…

#1. God

#2. My husband

#3. Helping people find their true God given identity

#4. Crafts

My problem now was figuring out how I can put one or more of those elements together and start a business. First I thought I would make crafts and sell them on Etsy or at a craft show. Well that I idea quickly fizzled out when I discovered that you have to have 100 or so items in an Etsy store at all times to make any money or even get to be seen.  I’m not someone who could make the same item over and over again. Not with all these hundreds of ideas running through my head. I needed something else.


The Inspiration Behind Kricket's Korner
The Inspiration Behind Kricket’s Korner

Then it hit me… I could do craft tutorials YouTube! Woo Hoo! This seamed like the perfect answer.  I was already doing the crafts and my husband already knew how to do the video editing so this was the natural answer. So I started looking into it and seeking God in it.

If you remember from my book, growing up I NEVER had a voice.  Well guess what? If I start a blog…

And here we are.

If you would like to know about Spiritual Creativity check out the books below. God is really moving through the arts right now. I would love to help you find your creative passion and get on board with what He is doing.

P.S. I’m about 85% better now!




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