What’s All The “Buzz” About “Gluten-Free?”

What is all the "Buzz" about Gluetn Free ?


What is all the "Buzz" about Gluetn Free ?
What’s All The “Buzz” About “Gluten Free?”

So why go gluten-free? There are many reasons that someone with a low tolerance or “allergy” to gluten should go gluten-free. Even those who are suffering an “intolerance” to gluten, or a negative reaction when ingesting wheat, barley or rye, (such as myself) can benefit from removing these foods from their diet.

High gluten content in the small intestine can cause damage to the “villi” (small hair like membrane that are responsible for the absorption of nutrients). Especially as we get older this could cause some serious health issues.  It is important that a person is properly diagnosed, but even with that said, if you can tell that what is causing the problem is in digesting one of these grains, it would benefit you to stay away from them. Unfortunately that means staying away from some really yummy stuff, like breads and baked goods.

What is all the "Buzz" about Gluetn Free ?
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I discovered my sensitivity to gluten several years ago when there was not a whole lot out there to replace those yummy food. Fortunately these days, that is not the case! The concern about gluten intolerance especially in children, has caused the market for gluten-free products to sky-rocket.

What is all the "Buzz" about Gluetn Free ?
Sprouted red and white quinoa What is all the “Buzz” about Gluten Free,

The prices of some of these items can be a bit high, but my opinion is that taking care of our bodies appropriately is an investment we either have to make now, or we will be forced to take on the high cost of medical bills and be in poor health later. It’s a “no brainer” if you ask me.

I’ve tried a lot of products out there and wanted to give you the list of my favorites to help you in your quest toward better health. So here it is…

  • Pamela’s Baking Mix is my absolute favorite for making pancakes, blueberry muffins and waffles. I add a scoop of vanilla whey protein for my husband benefit to give him the protein he needs to balance things out for diabetes.  He loves it. I also use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil for the waffles for a little extra crispness and flavor, not to mention the many health benefits of it. They turn out really delicious!
  • The best cake mixes and brownie mixes I’ve tried to date are the My Grandpa’s Farm products. They are the best quality and organic too. Unfortunately they are becoming harder to find. I used to by them on Amazon, but lately can only find one or 2 of their products now. I hope they are not going out of business as this would be a real shame.  Since I can no longer find the My Grandpa’s Farm mixes, I would have to say that King Arthur’s brand is my second favorite and Bob’s Red Mill would be my 3rd choice.
  • Let’s talk about noodles. Egg Noodles have been the hardest for me to find till I came across these gems I thought I would have to say goodbye forever! But, Jovial Foods Organic Gluten Free Traditional Egg Pasta, Egg Tagliatelle has proven itself to be a good replacement.  For all my other noodle needs I tend to favor the Ancient Harvest brand and if I can’t find that I go with Barilla
  • For cookies, I go for Mi-Del Gluten Free Ginger Snaps, especially around the holidays. Glutino has some good sandwich cookies and my favorite chocolate chip cookies are Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk. Straight out of the oven.
What is all the "Buzz" about Gluetn Free ?
What’s All The “Buzz” About “Gluten Free?”
  • Cornbread is no doubt is Krusteaz Gluten Free Honey Cornbread
  • For Cereal I do good old Gluten Free Rice Chex
  • Crackers, well I’ve tried a few and so far I’m not impressed. For now I’m going to skip that category.
  • Bread. Hmmm. This has been a struggle. The only bread that I’m remotely okay with that is gluten-free is Udi’s. And then it has to be heated for 10 seconds in the microwave before I will eat it. It tastes dry if you don’t heat it. When you do heat it, it tastes like you just got it from a bread maker.
What is all the "Buzz" about Gluetn Free ?
What is all the “Buzz” about Gluten Free ?

I think that is all I can give you on this subject. I hope this helps you and your family in your transition to gluten free and your quest toward better health.

Until next time…

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