The Birth Of Orchid The Whale

Orca Whale

It was my youngest son’s fifth birthday when we went to San Diego Sea World. That was over 28 years ago.

It was a hot day and he was sleepy so we rented a stroller and he napped. We walked by the Orca show and it was closed. We asked the attendant why it was closed and he told us that one of the Orca’s was about to give birth. He said that if we were real quiet we could go in and watch! Of course we did!

Of course my son slept through the whole thing. We tried to wake him but to no avail. It was miraculous and beautiful. I never forgot it.


This last summer I had the privilege of going back to San Diego Sea World with my grandson. We took a behind the scenes tour and I asked if that whale was still around. She told us “that would be Orchid”.She told us that since she was born there in captivity and therefore does not qualify to be released into the ocean for her own protection. She said that Orchid is a “Diva” and thinks she is so pretty and she is the smartest whale they have ever seen. She said that Orchid was the first and only whale they have ever seen respond to the Jumbo Tron. Normally they only respond to the trainer.

Baby Orca
Baby Orca

The rest of the trip did not turn out well at all, but I’m so glad I got to hear about Orchid.





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