The Testings Of Faith And The Blessings That Followed

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As a young single mother I worked at a bank. I didn’t get any support financially from anyone so I always struggled to make ends meet. I remember there was a period of time for about 2 weeks that God really tested my faith. He wanted me to trust him for everything.

Single Mother Feeding Her Children

It started at the supermarket. I wanted to buy a roast. I had it in my cart. When I went to check out though I realized I didn’t have enough money for it, so I told the cashier that I didn’t want it. He said okay. Then I took the groceries home and guess what I found? The roast was in my bag! I checked my receipt and found that I did not pay for it.  I felt obligated to take it back to the store so I did. When took it back they said there was nothing they could do and I may as well keep the roast. Wow. Cool. My kids can eat well this week!

traditional roast beef dinner

Next I visited a hotel lobby for an event that I was invited to. I think it was the Christmas party for work. When I sat down in the lobby to wait for a friend I felt like I sat on something. I pulled it out from underneath me and it was a diamond watch! It must have been worth thousands ( or it could have been fake, I don’t know about these things). The point is, I had a choice. I could either keep it. No one would ever know the difference. Or I could return it to the lost and found. I chose to return it to the lost and found, because I just don’t like feeling guilty about this kind of thing. Nothing special, except for a clear conscience happened that day.

But the next day I was getting gas at the gas station and a young man was asking for money. I gave him like $5. Then when I got home I checked the mail and there was a check for $300 in the mail from the IRS saying I did my tax returns wrong. I don’t know about you but, I never thought they would do that!

I could really use that extra $100 I’m Puzzled

Then on my next payday 2 weeks from when this all started, I went to cash my check at the drive through teller. She gave me the money and I counted it. It was $100 too much. I sat there and counted it 15 times. Once again I could have easily driven away. God knows I needed that money! But once again my conscience would not allow me to get away with this. I put a $100 bill back through the shoot. When the teller got it, she asked if I needed change. I told her no. Then I told her that she gave me $100 too much . She was so grateful that I returned the money.

Shoes for my kids


I don’t know why this test bothered me so much, but it did. I kept looking at my kids all the way home thinking that $100 could have bought them some clothes and shoes that were so desperately needed. I really had a hard time with that.


But when I got home, there was a BIG surprise in my mailbox. It was a letter and a check. My Dad’s aunt had passed away about 3 years earlier. My dad passed away about 21/2 years earlier. My dad’s aunt had no children so she left her nieces and nephews her money. She left my dad over $12,000.00. I guess his siblings  and my step mother fought to get that money, but the will stated that if one of the recipients could not receive the inheritance it would go to their children. The courts decided it be split between me and my siblings. So I just received an unexpected check for over $4000.00 from a great-aunt that I never knew!

Surprise In The Mail!

I’ve often wondered if I had done things differently in those 2 weeks, if the outcome would have been the same.

What do you think?

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