The Life In A Hug

The Life In A Hug

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It was about a year after I began attending the  Wednesday evening church group that I really began to notice that the old man with the walker who mumbled a lot never got any attention. People were ignoring him after the group was over.


He just slowly got up and left. Every week the same thing. Well he was kind of hard to understand through all that mumbling. But it started to get heavy on my heart. I really felt bad for the guy. He looked so lonely.

The Life In A Hug
Very Nice Image of a Lonely Old man

All that week I pondered the situation. I could not get him out of my head! God was working on my heart. So the following Wednesday I sat next to him. His name is Bruce.

The Life In A Hug
The Life In A Hug

After the group ended that night I asked Bruce one simple question… When is the last time somebody gave him a hug. Immediately a tear began to roll down his cheek. His reply broke my heart. “over 9 years ago”. I gave him the biggest hug I could and informed him that, that ends today. Bruce left that night a few minutes later and I stuck around. When I was sure that Bruce was out of an earshot away, I got the group’s attention and informed them of what just happened. I then told them in no uncertain terms that this was completely unacceptable and I would love to see each and every one of them to start hugging on Bruce a little here and there and start paying attention to what he has to say. They did. We all did.What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.



The Life In A Hug
The Life In A Hug

Within 3 weeks Bruce was talking more clearly and started using a cane instead of a walker. He no longer drug his feet on the ground and could walk about 3 times as fast as he was walking before.

The Life In A Hug
The Life In A Hug

Within the next 4 months I witnessed life return to Bruce. He was a changed man!



Don’t underestimate the power of a hug. Take the time to notice when someone needs one and give them freely. You could be saving a life.


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40 thoughts on “The Life In A Hug

  1. You were so wonderful doing such great things to someone you don’t know. Hugging can transfer energy and can give anyone an emotional lift just what everybody needed, and Mr. Bruce maybe felt needed, wanted and loved that make him changed for the better.

    1. It was truly amazing the transformation. He started speaking louder so people could understand him. People started inviting him over for dinner. He even had a party at his home. It was wonderful to watch. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. That is simply amazing! I loved reading the story. There’s really no limit as to what a little hug can do to people. I’m glad that you helped improve someone’s life and made him happy all together.

  3. What a remarkable story & so proud that you took the initiative to change this man’s life, as surely that’s what you’ve done … and I’m sure similar good things for many others.

  4. This is an amazing story. I didn’t use to give many hugs but I use to see my aunt hugging everyone she come in contact with and she explained how important they are and I am quick to hug someone now because you never know what that type affection can do for a person and your story is proof that it is needed. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  5. I always to hug people but I’m unsure because lots of people don’t like you in their personal space and you have to respect that. Great piece I really enjoyed it!

  6. How nice! I know some people are hug people. I am not. I tend to back away when people come at me. But I know some people love it!

    1. It’s interesting how people differ. There are sill many other things that could have made the same difference. Just taking an interest in someone like Bruce and speaking words of life into him would have probably done the same thing. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  7. Great post to read! Touching has a super power for connection, sometimes stronger than words but some people don’t like it. I like hugging and i agree, asking doesn’t hurt anyway.

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