Start The New Year Trying Something New…Find Your Passion, Live Your Life, Take a class

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New Years is a time for change. It’s a time to dream and to transform. A time to fulfill long lost opportunities of that which we once held in a dream.

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The dream that was destroyed once upon a time by the “practical”neigh-sayers that could not see beyond a cubicle and a pay check

Those who could not feel the calming of the spirit as you released those melodies while sitting out on the front porch.

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Or feel the excitement of watching people enjoy the sounds you so easily orchestrated.

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Or the dream you had as a child when someone pulled out an instrument and struck your ear with sounds that you could only believe existed in heaven. And you swore that one day you would be the one up on that stage giving some other little girl that same dream.

But time flew by and the band broke up. Everybody in the band had parents just like yours that insisted you become that accountant or mechanic, because that’s what will pay the bills.

The signs all pointed you in a different direction and life happened. You gave up on your dream.

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Now you have kids of your own. A wonderful life. But, passion and dreams are a thing of the past. But you remember the feeling and…

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Figure out that there is an empty space there. You realize that now is the time. If not now when? Do you become your parents or do you encourage your children to follow that dream?

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It’s the Cat’s In The Cradle song running through your head.

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Somebody has got to break that chain! Life is to short to spend it all earning a paycheck.


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Go ahead. Dream again! Live, Laugh, Dance, Play, Create and Make SOME MUSIC!

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What are you waiting for?

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No one will do it for you.

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Start The New Year Trying Something New…Find Your Passion, Live Your Life, Take a class!

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