A Loving Father


I look at God as my “Heavenly Father”. A very loving father who guides and protects His children.


Father and daughter reading book

Now tell me, what parent in their right mind would tell a kid who has run out in a busy street that doing so is permitted?  Or encourage them to do anything they want, because there is no right or wrong?

A Loving Father


And then say they did it out of love? Is it love, to pretend that the things we know will hurt our children, won’t, and choose to ignore guiding them and setting boundaries? That’s not love. No, but that is exactly what some of these doctrines are teaching and the type of person I’m talking about swarm to hear this teaching. Not so much so they don’t have to guide or discipline their children, but so that they themselves can try to hide their own sin behind this theology.

God is a loving father who establishes guidelines for us to live by. Not because he wants to punish us, no more than we want to punish our kids for breaking the rules. But because he loves us enough to set up guidelines that if we follow them will keep us from suffering. That’s it period. We break the rules we suffer.  Our children break the rules we set and they either get hurt or they suffer punishment for them right? So, what’s the difference? Why the double standard?

images-1The Bible teaches that Jesus died so that we could have life more abundantly. He accepts us the way we are when we come to him for salvation and then after we make him Lord, He changes us. We can do nothing on our own without Him. We have to confess our sin and ask for His help to change. We are not even capable of true repentance or change without coming to Him.  



Father and son playing at the beach

Our responsibility in our walk with Him, is to let Him take over and obey what He tells us to do. Usually He works on us one thing at a time. Yes we need to admit to our sin. Yes we need to obey Him. But to obey Him we must first spend time getting to know Him, so that we can hear His voice. To many times people fall into the trap of trusting everything the Pastor says. We need to remember that they do have a message to give us from God, but if they don’t have a relationship with Jesus they usually fall into legalism  (which is the yeast of the Pharisees) and could be leading us into a trap set up by the devil to insure our failure and turn away from Christianity. Sadly this happens more than most realize. That is why it is so important to be seeking His face on our own. We all need that personal time with Him and when we do have that time with Him, we will hear His voice and know it’s His voice because it will be confirmed through another unrelated vehicle. We will also be able to tell if the Pastor we are following actually has a true relationship with Him or if his motives are on track with God’s plan. It’s not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Just say you’re sorry for your sins and mean it. Ask Him to come into your heart and be a part of your life and then when He does, acknowledge that He actually is there by conversing with Him, like He is actually in the room, because guess what? He is.  That’s right, talk to Him. How would you feel if you were in the room with someone and they ignored you all day everyday and then listened to what everyone else said about you rather than asking you themselves? I mean think about it. Isn’t that what most “Christians” do? Why? You asked Him to come in. Visit with Him. Get to know Him. Tell Him you want to hear His voice. Ask Him why it’s not okay to do certain things. He will show you. He loves you.

Father and sons taking a walk


We need to understand why we are to love the person and hate the sin. We need to understand why it is so important to take responsibility for the things we do and confess immediately our sin. We need to understand how unrepentant sin is allowed to destroy until it is finally confessed. We need to  understand first hand the damage all of this causes.

More than anything we need to  know why the Holy Spirits guidance is so important to every Christian. We need to know that we truly do have a loving Father who has our best interest in mind. He’s not out to just give us a bunch of rules He knows we will break just so he can punish us. It’s because He wants the very best for us.

It saddens me that people don’t understand the love of the Father. They seem to be so blinded by oppression caused by sin, that they can’t even see the truth of how much He loves them.


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