It’s Time To Lead Follow Or Get Out Of The Way!

When you truly make Jesus your Lord and are obeying Him only –
Then it becomes impossible to stay in sin.
Just because Jesus loved the sinners doesn’t mean they all went to heaven. They had to change. They had to make Him Lord of their lives. They had to cleanse themselves from all unrighteousness. I’m so sick of hearing only half of the story… Jesus loved sinners. This is the popular message and it makes people feel real comfortable. It’s the crowd everyone wants to be a part of.
PEOPLE… the other half of the message is He gave His own blood to cleanse us from all unrighteousness! You have to do something too! Stop making excuses for your sin, as if you do have an excuse, it will be okay with God. It won’t. Period! He gave you a way to stop and He expects you to do so!


I know this sounds harsh, but we are living in a time that manipulation and witchcraft are abounding. Many churches are preaching that homosexuality is okay because Jesus loves all people. Yes He loves all people. That doesn’t mean that all people wil get to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  NO homosexuality is not okay! Neither is abortion, stealing, lying, murder, adultry and so on. No one sin is worse than others and all of us are guilty.   He loves you. He hates your sin. Period. He commands us to be Holy as He is Holy. Holy means without sin. He told the prostitute to GO AND SIN NO MORE!
Oh and one more thing… Instead of encouraging the transsexual demonic spirit by listening to the perverted lies he is telling and start listening to Jesus. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES! If you were born a girl you are a girl. If you were born a boy, you are a boy! If your thoughts tell you anything else it’s because you are super important to God and the devil it trying to tell you lies to make you follow a very demonic path so that you will never find your true identity.


So instead of supporting a child’s wishes to become a boy if she is a girl or vise versa, get that child to a church that knows how to call sin, sin and love, love. Spend time seeking God in prayer until Jesus shows up and reveals to that child who God made them to be! It saddens me so much, that people would rather have a child take hormones to completely destroy their God-given body so that they can feel better about themselves rather than go to the loving father to discover their true identity, which by the way is so totally awesome, that nothing could ever make that child feel bad about themselves again once they hear that from God.
It’s time people. We are seeing the spirit of the living God poured out upon this earth.It’s not about you. The sooner you get that, the better off you will be! You need to lead, follow, or get out of the way!
someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler.
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