Seriously Cool Walmart Promotion


I just ordered groceries from Walmart Groceries for the 2nd time. I LOVE THIS! No crowded stores to go into. No check out lines. No wait. Just call 15 ahead of time or use their app and let them know you are there within your scheduled time and they bring your groceries to the car. SERIOUSLY COOL.

This is Thanksgiving week. I’m trying to reduce my stress level during the holidays and this HELPS A LOT!

Just click on one of the Walmart Grocery links here in this post and you will get $10 off of your order and then you can get a code to share with your friends that will earn you $10 per referral that orders. Can you say HECK YEAH!

Get enough people on board and your groceries could be paid for, for the rest of the year! I’m just sayin…

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